2009 Student Technology Survey – Post 2

Question 3: How many email accounts do you have and check regularly?

As the graphic shows, only 13% have a single e-mail account that they use on a regular basis. 33% have three or more accounts. At LSC we assign every student an LSC-hosted e-mail account and we have a policy making e-mail the official means of communication with students. In fact, we don’t send out very much snail mail at all to enrolled students. Therefore, they “should” be using the LSC account on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of students use one or more alternate e-mail accounts in addition to the LSC account. (Click image to enlarge)

Question 4: Do you use wireless Internet access?

Almost 72% say they have a wireless system in their home. I was rather surprised by this number. Sure, it’s relatively cheap and easy to setup a wireless router in your house, but I still would have predicted something more like 35-40% would have done so. Wrong. Paying for wireless in public places is something that 99% of the wired students are not generally doing. you can put me in that crowd as well. Free is good.

Since about 81% use wireless somewhere and 71% use wireless at home, that leaves about 10% of the students who use wireless access points in other places but don’t have a router at home.

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