2019 in Review

For posterity, I’m saving a few of the things I had to tell the world back in 2019.

March 13, 2019 – My Beer Experiment: What I Learned – 50 Beers in 50 Days

  • a) I’m a quitter
  • b) I like beer, but only “good” beer
  • c) averaging one beer a day is too much for me
  • d) no one cares but me (nor should they)

My Beer Experiment: What I Learned

Glass of beer next to a poker hand of Ace of clubs, 10 of clubs

Feb 1, 2019 – I Wanna Hold Your Hand became #1 in the USA 55 years ago today.

I’ve been a Beatles fan since my older brothers bought “Meet The Beatles,” but there’s one song that haunts me.

The Beatles and #MeToo

Rubber Soul playlist, side 2

January 4, 2019 – Zuck is creepy. His company is creepy. I’m creeped out by them.

  • #F*ckOffFacebook
  • I hate all the fakeness:
  • Fake birthday wishes
  • Fake outrage
  • Fake enthusiasm
Fix Fakebook protesters

August, 2019 – The #D2Lmoose spent a relaxing week at Isle Royale NP.

He did see a real moose. He also heard a wolf howling, which scared the pants off of him. Now we’re both back at our desk, dreaming of getting back to the Island.

The D2L plush Moose riding along on a fishing pole at Isle Royale in Lake Superior

January 2019 – I’m a Prepper – a Death Prepper

I’ve been preparing to die. It’s actually been kind of fun. Blog post.

Artist's rendering of the grim reaper

February, 2019 – Remember that time we spent the day in Mayberry? Yep, me too. What a great day. Felt like home

Collage of photos taken of Barry and friends during a visit to Mount Airy, North Carolina.

August 11, 2019 – Sunday morning date for the Festival of Tall Boats Parade in the Duluth Harbor. Beautiful summer day in the Northland.

Barry and Rita with the Duluth aerial Bridge and an old Tall Ship in the background

October, 2019 – in response to a request from a friend for tech toll suggestions.

Non-D2L tool? I use text expanders all the time. Free version of Phrase Express works great. Also, a big fan of the Chrome Extension called One Tab. Also, Air More let’s me use my phone on my PC. Slick and free.

screenshots of the three free web apps: Phrase Express, One Tab, and AirMore

May 3, 2019 – I attended the Portland Community College Online Summit.

Online student was surprised to learn that her access to the course and her submitted work and the grade book would be cut off when the term ends. IMO, this is not obvious to students, this is rude to students, and this doesn’t have to be.

Sign says "Sorry, Course Closed"

Nov, 2019 – Thinking about regrets. I regret buying a new MGB in 1976, when I could have had a new Datsun 280Z, or a used 240Z. #regretsihaveafew

Dec. 18, 2019 – 12 years ago today: E-Learning the Big Loser at FSU

Major cheating scandal related to football players taking online courses. I remember it well.

Chief Osceola, the horse-riding mascot at Florida State University football games.

March, 2019 – Pretty sure my staircase radiator is better than yours.

Sid the cat stretched out on a radiator that is tiered like the staircase it is next to.

Dec 20, 2019 – How much snow did we get in Duluth & Superior over the weekend?

We got so much snow that they cancelled a snowmobile race, the Duluth National Snocross. Too much snow for snowmobile races.

View of our garage with snow drifts obscuring about half of it.
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