2009 Student Technology Survey – Post 11

Question 22 was mainly interesting to me with regard to the percentage of our students who have never used some of the services that we provide them. Below is an approximation of what percentage of our online students have NEVER used these services:

  • Online library services = 59%
  • Online career services = 82%
  • Online tutoring services = 77%
  • e-Campus Help Desk = 76%
  • Student web portal = 33%
  • Online bookstore = 52%
  • Minnesota Online website = 69%

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2009 Student Technology Survey – Post 10

The results from question 18 indicate that about 30% of our students do not consistently protect their computers with anti-virus software. Granted, a small percentage are not using Windows-based machines and probably don’t have the same concerns as a Windows user, but that percentage is relatively small. This begs the question of how best the college should protect the networks and other users from the (potentially) virus-carrying student users. (Click screenshots to enlarge)

Question 19 indicates that over 94% of our online students have Internet access at home. Clearly, not having access at home would be a disadvantage for most students.

Question 20 below indicates that over 90% of our students access their online courses via a broadband connection. That may be closer to 95% depending on what the “Other” category might include for ways of accessing the Internet.

From question 21 above, you can see that 70% of our online students live within 30 miles from our main cmapus. The percentage of online students who live further away than 30 miles has actualy shrank in the past couple of years. I mainly attribute that shrinkage in the attendance of students at a distance to the greatly increased offerings in similar online learning opportunities from many of our sister institutions within Minnesota.