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Hello! As of May 9, 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of working at D2L, first as Senior Community Manager and now as the Teaching & Learning Advocate. For more information of those early days, read my post titled: Desire2Work @ Desire2Learn. For 16 months previous to that date, I was an independent contractor and consultant with a focus on e-Learning and educational technology. I have many years of experience as a keynote speaker, conference planner and host, consultant for e-Learning quality improvement projects, strategic planning for e-Learning growth and e-Services development, creating and analyzing surveys related to online learner satisfaction and engagement, as well as facilitating on-campus and online workshops.

After obtaining a B.S. degree and a Masters in Accounting from Arizona State University, I served as an accounting faculty member for a total of 17 years in total, including 11 years of appointments at ASU, Florida Atlantic University, University of Minnesota Duluth, and then six years at Lake Superior College (LSC) in Duluth, MN. In 2001, I resigned my faculty tenure (oops) to become the senior administrator in charge of online learning at LSC. As Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LSC, I had primary responsibility for the Computer Services department, Web and Information Services, and the e-Campus known as Lake Superior Connect.

I was proud to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Instructional Technology Council from 2007 to 2011. The board concentrates on providing useful services to members schools and holding the annual eLearning conference at different sites around the U.S.

During my time as an LSC employee within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), I also served a two-year role on the Executive Committee of the Minnesota Online Council  serving the first year (’05-06) as Chair-Elect and the second year (’06-07) as Chair. During 2002-2003, I also chaired the IMS of the Future selection process for MnSCU (now MinnState).

As I near the end of my career, I’ve found my remote working opportunity to be a fabulous way to play tennis in Florida in the winter and to fish on Lake Superior in the summer, while still getting some work done.

6 Responses

  1. Barry, Great Bio. Thanks for your contributions in educational technology. I definitely appreciate your comments about the Blackboard v. Desire2Learn patent lawsuit. I think Bb is backing themselves into a corner (of bad public relations in the education field). How poorly they perceive how the academic community views monopolistic bullies.

    Google for RayMosteller

  2. Barry, I am so glad to have met you. The information you write about has been so inspirational in my own learning about Educational technology and E-Learning. It is because of you and others like you, that I have been so interested in online learning. I work with many instructors helping them get their courses up and running online, and I have taken many examples of online excellence from you. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more.

    Yours in Technology,

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  4. I just happened to see your interview video from youtube with Bill and notice you’re from MN. I’m also from MN. Cool video… How often do you travel to VN?

  5. Hello
    Please e-mail me your phone number

  6. […] In 2012, I became a D2L employee taking the position of Señor Community Manager. Check out my bio page if you want to know […]

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