2009 Student Technology Survey – Post 4

Question 6: During the current term, are you a part-time or full-time student? Full-time = 59%, part-time = 40%.

Question 7: Will you be employed during the upcoming (current) semester? No = 18.5%, Part-time = 55%, Full-time = 24.5% (Link to image of questions 6 & 7)

Question 8: How many hours each week, on average, do you normally spend using a computer or similar device (smart phone, etc) for each of the following activities? A) class assignments, B) playing computer games, C) online shopping and banking, D) e-communications, other than e-mail, E) reading and writing e-mail messages, F) listening to digital music, G) reading or writing blogs, H) Internet surfing for pleasure. (Click photo to enlarge)

  • Only a few students (3.5%) spend much time (6 hours or more) reading and writing blogs each week. This helps confirm my suspicions that blogs are for old people (not that there’s anything wrong with old people).
  • 32% say they don’t listen to digital music (or less than one hour weekly, anyway). That number is higher than I would expect.
  • 24% say they don’t surf the Net for pleasure (really, not any kind of pleasure?). What the heck do they do with their lives? We may need some sort of intervention here.
  • 55% say they spend time communicating online in ways other than e-mail. In a future post you’ll see the frequency with which they uses some of the other communications tools.
  • Curious as to why a significantly larger percentage (about 15%) chose not to answer the questions about playing computer games and also about reading/writing blogs. Poor wording, or what?