2020 in Review

Just a few things to look back on some day as a reminder of where my head was in 2020.

#1 – I saw Jerry Jeff several times in concert. But none came close to the awesomeness that was a night in Luckenbach in October 2000. Near the end of the concert it started to rain so hard, so he wrapped up his set with High Hill Country Rain. It was perfect.

RIP JJW – October 23, 2020

Collage of photos related to Jerry Jeff Walker, including him posing with me and my friends ion Luckenbach.

#2 – It’s #NationalDogDay. August 26, 2020. Meet Sid. He follows me around the house. He plays fetch. He runs to the door when he hears someone on the porch. He never barks and he doesn’t deposit his poop all over the yard. Best dog ever.

Sid is a Flamepoint Siamese cat, white body with orange markings around ears , legs, and face

#3 – July – Sad state of #highered hit me in the face today. My 24-y-o independent daughter ordered books & supplies to start the nursing program at local CC $2400!!

  • $1975 in books and $425 in kits and supplies.
  • She makes $24K per yr.
  • Books = 10% of annual income.
  • Pell grant = $895
  • #OMG

#4 – The Witch Tree as it is commonly known, also called Manidoo-giizhikens, or Little Cedar Spirit Tree by the Ojibwa Indian tribe. An ancient Thuja occidentalis Eastern White Cedar growing on the Lake Superior shore in Cook County, Minn. Pretty sure “Spirit Tree” is the better name. I was fishing by this landmark in July, 2020.

The Spirit Tree near Grand Portage Minnesota

#5 – STOP tearing down statues. Let’s build more! We need some #statues of the loser Red Coats and loser King George III from the Revolutionary War. Oh wait, there was a statue to George III – but Americans tore it down! The nerve!

Pulling Down the Statue of King George III by William Walcutt (Wikimedia Commons)

#6 – All those people who think that #Coronavirus came from Corona Beers, just imagine who they think must be the founder and President of Elon University. #COVIDIOT

Corona Beers has nothing to do with the Coronavirus

#7 – August 2020 – What’d you do this week?

Several photos of Barry at Isle Royale National Park, along with a pair of foxes and some red, white, and blue berries

#8 – Going through a box of treasures I found this Shoe cartoon. I used to paste comics of “Skyler-in-School” on the cover of my exams. I never used this one though. Seems appropriate during this age of #Ungrading

Skyler: Miss Fishbreath, I'm afraid I just don't take tests very well. So this test won't be an accurate reflection of what I know.
Miss Fishbreath: That's okay Skyler, I don't correct tests very well, so it all balances out.

#9 – New music video by Charlie Parr – “On Stealing A Sailboat” (Official Video) https://youtu.be/tKPgbCp5Z34 via @YouTube

I get to see @theCharlieParr at @CedarLoungeBeer and @EarthRiderBeer on a pretty regular basis. Seems like the only fun I get to have during COVID 2020.

#10 – Local View: Hate-filled Facebook deserves to be unfriended en masse https://trib.al/uwZZ53y (by yours truly)

Cartoon. Husband says to wife: "That's odd: My Facebook friends who were constitutional scholars just a month ago are now infectious disease experts."

#11 – July 24, 2020 – I just went into the outhouse and this bear followed me. He’s sitting outside the door waiting for me. Not a joke. Not makin’ it up. Its been nice knowing all y’all.

teenage black bear roaming around the family cottage

#12 – Father’s Day – “World’s Greatest Dad” is to parenting as “Best Practices” is to education. #FathersDay #bestpractices

World's Greatest Dad coffee mug

#13 – Nov 2020 – Just in case anyone was wondering about where I live… This is where I live

a long row of snowblowers outside the hardware store
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