2021 in Review

Some of my thoughts worth saving (IMO, anyway)

#1 – One of my highlights in 2021, from one of many trips to Isle Royale this summer. #IsleRoyale #NationalPark

Doesn’t matter if you like this, it’s mostly for me. When I’m senile, I can look back on this post and think “what a handsome man holding any even more handsome fish.”

Barry holding a 10 pound King Salmon at Isle Royale National Park

#2 – Another of my highlights in 2021, I became a Florida snowbird, buying a condo on the beach. The good parts are beach walks, tennis on clay courts, and the 50% increase in condo value. The real trick is surviving with all those MAGA-luvin’ Floridians. Mostly I keep to myself.

View of the Atlantic Ocean from my condo balcony

#3 – Another of my highlights in 2021 was watching my son shred all the combatants at the Nab Family 4th of July competitions. Athletic, powerful, humble. Just like his old man! And good-looking.

#4 – Another highlight was a great 10-day road trip through 4 National Parks and Devil’s Tower as well. It was a wildlife viewing extravaganza. I’ve been to Yellowstone and the Tetons many times, but it was a first for my wife.

wildlife seen in four national parks, Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Teddy Roosevelt.

#5 – October – I’ve had this poster for 15 years just waiting for the right moment, and now #Zuck wants to #RenameFacebook Bookface is the only right answer. And the tagline still works, “because time isn’t going to kill itself!” Rename Facebook

Bookface, like Facebook, because time isn't going to kill itself.

#6 – A blast from the past. One of the deadpool Web-based tools that I legitimately miss is MeeboMe It was an easy way to embed a conversation starter into an online course, a blog, or wherever. Desire2Chat??

A MeeboMe chat widget embedded on a D2L course homepage

#7 – The Oklahoma City Mayor was just on CNN for 4 1/2 minutes. During a one-minute span, he said “At the end of the day” three times. Please find another bullsh!t filler phrase to overuse. Enjoy a sunset. Watch the boob tube. Snuggle up. That’s what I do at the end of the day.

At the end of the day.... a beautiful sunset instead of a bullshit meaningless phrase.

#8 – “They pre-planned this attack.” How is that different from “They planned this attack.” To me, pre-planning is what you do before you start planning. Like, buy snacks. Create a Doodle poll. Send invites.

the Capitol insurrection was pre-planned, or was it planned?

#9 – June – The lighting early Sunday morning was exceptionally fine for viewing deep into the water at the SS America shipwreck, in the North Gap entry to Washington Harbor at Isle Royale National Park. #IsleRoyale #shipwrecks

View from the surface of the sunken SS America at Isle Royale.

#10 – June – I’m going moose hunting. Me and my Nikon. #IsleRoyale @NatlParkService

Two bull moose in Washington Creek at Isle Royale National Park

#11 – My partial timeline:

Barry at the New Smyrna Beach tennis center

#12 – This quote from Jobs is idiotic. “Do one thing well.” Let’s say your an aspiring pitcher. Do one thing well. No, actually, you need 3 or more good pitch types to be successful. And to be able to field your position. And maybe (hopefully!) hit the ball. And more.

Not one thing.

Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well. Steve Jobs

#13 – January – The Atlantic has been all riled up yesterday and today. But on Friday, it was super calm. Calm before the storm I guess. Great day for fishing. I caught my first-ever Blackwing Searobin (Prionotus rubio). Then I caught my second. #AtlanticFishing

Blackwing Searobin bit on this shrimp - and the hook
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