My Presidential Aspirations

I’m not much for keeping secrets – unless they are a matter of national security or personal embarrassment – neither of which apply in this particular case.

I have recently applied for two college presidencies within MnSCU (Minnesota State College and Universities), including my current employer, Lake Superior College. In both cases I was chosen as a semi-finalist for the first round of interviews, those 50-60 minute opportunities known as “airport interviews.” In both cases I was not chosen for the second round of interviews which consist of full-day extravaganzas on the campus, meeting with all the interested parties.

In each case, my failure to secure a second interview was a major disappointment to me both personally and professionally. I feel that I was close to reaching the second round, but not close enough. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that level of failure – if ever.

I find it rather odd that most people think you need to keep your job search activities completely quiet and confidential. Feels way too much like sneaking around in the dark. I have no interest in trying to hide my aspirations for a position such as this. Becoming a college president is definitely an uphill climb for me, but I don’t give up easily. A few things that any interested party should know:

  • Lake Superior College is the best place I’ve ever worked – and it’s not even close.
  • I am not anxious to leave LSC, but would be willing to do so for the right opportunity.
  • I am an “employee at will,” which means at the will of the president. As a new president comes to the college, he will potentially bring a new “will” for the structure of the college administration. I need to make sure that I have a job and a paycheck to provide for my family.
  • I’ve told the employees in my division that it is true that I’m applying for jobs. I’ve also told them about the other reasons in this bullet list to assure them that I’m not trying to abandon ship.
  • I do have a presidential itch that I would like to scratch, if the right opportunity presents itself. Those opportunities won’t just drop into my lap; I have to go out and look for them. I will continue to apply for positions that feel like a good fit for me.
  • If I don’t achieve one of those positions, and if I have the opportunity to remain at LSC, I would be happy to do so.
  • I am NOT a disgruntled employee. As the photo attests, I am totally gruntled. 🙂