Barry’s Shared Resources for Evaluating Online Teaching

These docs are shared with the following license: Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike (or CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). This means that you can take them and you can edit them to better fit your own purposes, BUT they cannot be used for commercial purposes (you can’t make money off these resources) and you cannot share them under a different license than the license attached to them by me.

These are Word docs to allow for editing.

Online Faculty Evaluation Rubric – Barry Dahl V3

Online Faculty Evaluation Pre Eval – Barry Dahl V3

Presentation Decks

The following presentation slide decks are the most recent that I’ve used for various topics. They are available for download or sharing at SlideShare. Most are licensed as CC-BY (author attribution).

Ten Bright Ideas for Improving Accessibility in Online Courses – Barry Dahl – Oct 2022

E-Learning Mythbusters Revisited – ITC 2022

Five Important Things You Won’t Find in a Course Quality Rubric – Oct 2022

Office Documents: Making Word™ and PowerPoint™ Docs Accessible – February 2022

Video Captions and Transcripts Made Easy , or at least easier – February 2022

Five Easy Wins for Making your PowerPoint Slideshows Accessible – July 2021

5 Free Tech Tools to Make you More Productive – November 2019

Older Stuff

The list below contains links to most of my presentation materials from over many years. Some of the links have rotted but I haven’t spent the time to prune those trees. Maybe some day. A few of these may be repetitive as certain materials have changed slightly but not significantly over the past year or two. Typically the newest materials (most recent presentations) are listed at the top of the page with older materials migrating down lower over time.

You are free to use these materials in any way that you choose. All my work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. In other words, a little link love would be appreciated.

MN eLearning Summit 2014

eLearning Digital Story Slam at D2L FUSION 2014: with Audrey Williams, Michael Amick, Kyle Mackie, Brandon Ballentine, and Kari Frisch.

MidSouthDLC Keynote 10/24/13: eLearning Alphabet, from Atheists to Zealots

A few analytics links:

Rubric request form: #FUSION12 – Barry’s Breakout Session (also see bullets below)

Slideshow: Desire2Learn Intelligent Agents

e-Learning Alphabet, from Atheists to Zealots – CAFDN @ Chicago St. U. (4/27/12)

Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death –  @ Governors State University (4/27/12)

Quality in Online Education @ San Juan College  (4/25/12)

ITC12 – eLearning Digital Story Slam (Feb. 2012)

Five Effective Practices for e-Learning Professional Development – ITC12 Feb. 2012

Evaluating Online Faculty Performance – Various ResourcesBarry’s D2L siteSlides

Roane State CC Opening Day – Setting Expectations for e-Education

eLearning Summit (also WITC) Workshops: Operate in the Cloud

UWS LiveBinders – sites for June 2011 workshop

2011 ROCC Summer Academy – SpicyNodes Intro  jump to => Prezi  jump to => Zoho Notebook

UWS & ROCC – Using Web 2.0 Tools Inside D2L (Intro slides, mostly done live in D2L)

RSCC Ed Tech Academy – Online Learning Myths

Intro slides  Using Web 2.0 Tools Inside D2L

DLA2011 Savannah – Five DL Myths: Explored and Exploded

e-Learning Quality (intro slides) various events (wiki with other links)

eLearning Consortium of Colorado Keynote (Amusing Ourselves to Death) #eLCC2011

Work in the Cloud – Ten tools with a Single Login (most was done live) #ITC11

ITC10 & ITC11 – Tweet This! pre-conference workshop

MDLA at AACC, Nov. 9, 2010 (slides)

Lane CC – Oct. 29, 2010 (#iLane) – the “new” Minnesota Online (Oct. 28, 2010)

MnSCU Media Codes (Slide show)  —  (Flowchart)

ITC Leadership Academy 2010 – Google Sites

ILCCO Online Keynote: Users & Uses of Emerging Technologies in Higher Education (slides)  (website)

MCCVLC – LSC Project: Setting Expectations for Online

Various occasions:  Quality in Online Learning (wiki)

Magna Webinar – Using Web 2.0 Tools inside your VLE (wiki)

ITC10 – eLearning 2010 – Using Web 2.0 Inside your VLE (intro slides)

Online Communications Tools Workshops at LSC (Spring 2010)

NDUSO: Assessing Quality in Online Teaching & Learning (wiki)

CIT09: Users & Uses of Web 2.0 in Higher Ed (Mindmap)

CIT09: Teaching with Technology – Myths and Realities (clicker slides)

CIT09 Learning Center Intro Slides: Ensuring Quality in Online Learning

CIT09 Learning Center wiki: Innovations in e-Education (Quality workshop)

EAT-IT 09 – Conference Notebook (agenda and much more)

D2L09 FUSION – Effective Marketing Strategies for eLearning Programs

D2L09 FUSION – It’s NOT my Job to Entertain Students!

D2L09 FUSION – Student Survey Data

Mi-ACE & Mc-ICE Joint Conference: Vision for Innovation in Technology (slides)

MCAE – April 2009 – Wiki with Presentation Resources (Generations)

NDSCS – Web 2.0 Mindmap

Elgin CC breakout – eLearning Mythbusters

Elgin CC – Myths and Realities of Teaching with Technology

ITC09 – Portland – It’s NOT my Job to Entertain Students!

ITC09 – Portland – Basics of Blogs, Wikis, and RSS

ITC09 – Portland – Using Web 2.0 Tools Inside your VLE

Bay College – Web 2.0 Whirlwind

Bay College – Myths & Realities of Teaching with Technology

Users & Uses of Web 2.0 in Higher Ed (wiki)

Northwestern Michigan College – Learning 2.0 Kickoff

SREB: Information Technology Task Group – Education in the Blogosphere

CIT2008 Special Session – Web 2.0 Perils & Promise

CIT2008 Workshop – Using Web 2.0 Tools Inside your VLE

Podcasting without Fruit (Google Notebook links)

Slides from NMCPR – Duluth Conference (also CIT special session)

Slides from COTC Opening Day

Opening Day 2008 – Alexandria Public Schools

Creative Commons Overview

Online Learner Satisfaction

Oakland CC Keynote Address

Michigan Workshops: Nov. ’07 & Mar. ’08

Free Web Tools – ITC AudioConference

Web 2.0 Whirlwind

10 Specific Suggestions to Improve Your e-Learning Programs (slides only)

Wikis and Blogs and Pods, Oh My!!

USDLA 2007 KC – Web 2.0 Whirlwind

Northwest Tech Faculty Workshop – April 2007

PSOL (Satisfaction Survey) Results Blog

ITC February 2007 ABQ – Web 2.0 Tools

Wikis and Blogs at ATC

Web 2.0 Whirlwind Bookmarks

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  1. Attended your workshop today, 11/9/10 sponsored by MDLA. It was engaging and informative.

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