Podcast Test Page

The only people who see this page will be those invited to review the podcast demos that are embedded below.

Please review these for overall approach and style. These are just demos for proof of concept. Your feedback is very much desired.

A few thoughts from Barry:

  • The name “Brightcast” is not at all settled upon, nor has it or anything else been approved by Legal and/or Marketing. Just wanted to use something catchy for the demos.
  • The intro and exit music is not my favorite and can easily be swapped out. Want something distinctive and that can be used as a recognizable theme for the podcast series.
  • These are not yet “podcastable,” meaning that they are not available for subscription via iTunes and other podcast sites. They are simply embedded below for our test listeners.
  • They are not totally edited for best quality audio. The Fusion podcast is particularly rough due to lousy recordings of the phone calls. Better equipment will provide for better audio quality.
  • Doing a weekly series is very challenging from a time perspective due to the amount of time required to record, edit, and produce each one. In one demo, I mention “weekly,” but another time I say something about bi-weekly (which is every other week). Maybe even a better approach would be semi-monthly (twice a month). In other words, the timing of the series is yet to be decided.

Here are the podcast demos:

A chat with Mike Condon, D2L employee and long-time client.

Looking ahead to Fusion 2016; three Brightspace clients talk about Brightspace Fusion

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