Shopping for a New Title

LSC logo Since we’ve recently renamed our Virtual Campus at Lake Superior College, I need to come up with a new title. My current title is Vice President of Technology and the Virtual Campus. I’m also designated as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the college which puts me in the campus CIO group within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU).

I’ve never felt that CIO is a very good descriptor for the work I do. I’m not responsible for information in all its forms, especially not for public information and not even for student record information and the like. I heard back from the MnSCU CIO that there is no requirement to use the CIO designator so I would like to start using the designation of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Now the question is whether CTO should be part of the new title or not. You’ll notice that CIO is not an official part of my current title, but should it be?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Vice President of Lake Superior Connect
  • Vice President of Technology and the e-Campus
  • Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Vice President of Lake Superior College e-Campus
  • Vice President of LSC e-Campus

Just to clarify, Lake Superior Connect is the name (think brand name) instead of the Virtual Campus. We are going away completely from using the term Virtual Campus. Instead we will call it an e-Campus which is more of a descriptor rather than a name.

One way of saying it to be descriptive would be to say that the new name of our e-Campus is Lake Superior Connect. Just to put one more spin on it: Lake Superior Connect is like Kleenex (brand) and e-Campus is like tissue paper (what it is).

I need help here. Which one is best?

4 Responses

  1. How about “Vice President of Technology and Provost of the e-Campus”

  2. Of the options you present I like “Vice President of Technology and the e-Campus” best.

  3. I agree! VP of Technology and the e-Campus seems the most clear . . .

  4. lol some of the responses individuals make are so silly, alot of times i ponder if they in fact read the information and threads before posting or whether they just simply read the title of the blog post and post the very first idea that drifts into their minds. anyhow, it’s pleasant to browse through intelligent commentary once in a while compared to the same, traditional oppinion vomit that i almost always notice on the net i’m going to enjoy a few rounds of facebook poker so long

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