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A New Home

My first blog, Far From A Shining Star, has been shuttered. The content will remain but no new posts willTurn-it-off be made. Instead, this will be the  new home and general jumping off point for most of the things that I blog about.

One concern I have is how people will find my new blog. Many people found my old blog by search engines (96% of the time they used Google). These were the search terms most often used that I led people to my blog:

  1. Stupid signs (now there is a blog just for that)
  2. Funny signs (see above)
  3. Club Penguin (a post containing a video)
  4. Turnitin Sucks (1st post) (it still sucks) (click graphic too)
  5. Top Web Tools (several posts)

Hopefully people who find the old blog by searching will find their way to the new blog. And now that I have the bulleted list above, they’ll also start to find this blog when they search for those same terms.