Navy SEALS are Lying Conspirators

Or so it must be according to those who want more proof that bin Laden is dead. The word of a Navy SEAL is not good enough. Apparently.

Every American who believes that the U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 didn’t kill bin Laden apparently thinks that the entire group of specially trained, best-of-the-best American soldiers are all involved in a lie and the cover-up of that lie. Sure, people have their political reasons for not wanting to believe Obama, and Hillary, and anyone else seen biting their lips in that “staged” photo in the “Situation Room” at the White House. After all, how could anyone ever believe a U.S. politician? The cable “news” channels see to it that we can never believe anything that comes from a politician.

And isn’t it convenient that there is no group officially called SEAL Team 6? Also convenient that they need to stay completely out of the public eye – such a shroud of secrecy. So yes, if you believe that the bin Laden killing is a scam and a hoax – then you also believe that U.S. Navy SEALs are a major part of the effort in pulling the wool over our eyes. It’s not as if Obama went over the wall of that compound himself and shot bin Laden in the head.

No, it was a U.S. Navy SEAL. Do you seriously not believe that?

(Okay. That should take care of my political ranting in this space for at least several months. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.)  (Flickr-CC photo by The U.S. Army)

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  1. You tell em Barry! We have been well protected since 2001 by the greatest volunteer military force in the history of mankind. Way to go Navy Seals!!! My son with the Marines in Afghanistan was so excited to hear about their successful operation.

  2. Thanks Roy. And triple thanks to your son serving in Afghanistan and for the sacrifice that your whole family is making for our country.

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