Resources for Webinar: Setting Expectations

On Monday, April 4, I hosted a free webinar titled Setting Expectations for e-Education. This webinar is one of the many services that I am providing through my new business called Excellence in e-Education, LLC (now shuttered). Here are the slides for this presentation.

During the webinar I referenced several different websites where you can find some examples of published expectations for online learners and online faculty. I highlighted sections of each of the following, although none of them represents a truly comprehensive list of expectations (in my opinion).

This first list shows a few examples of clarifying what is expected of online faculty members.

Penn State: Online Instructor Performance Best Practices and Expectations

UMUC: Expectations for Faculty Teaching at UMUC – see PDF for Online Teaching.

Lawrence Tech: LTU Online Faculty Expectations

St. Petersburg: Online Student, Faculty and Staff Expectations and Performance Targets

CCC Online: Policies & Procedures – Faculty Handbook – Evaluation – Faculty Gold

CUNY: Standards for Teaching and Learning in an Online Course

When it comes to shaping student expectations, many schools go no further than the basic online orientations or some sort of readiness quiz (“Is online learning right for you!?!”)  Here are a few examples of colleges and universities where they outline some expectations for online students:

Lawrence Tech:  Taking Responsibility for Online Learning

St. Petersburg: Online Student, Faculty and Staff Expectations and Performance Targets

Univ. of South Carolina:  Expectations for Online Students

Goodwin College:  Student Expectations

One of the services provided by Excellence in e-Education is helping a college draft a comprehensive set of online teaching and learning expectations, including:

  • What the college expects from online students.
  • What online students should expect from your college.
  • What the college expects from online faculty members.
  • What the online faculty should expect from the college.

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