Adjunct Appreciation Dinner at SC4

I had the pleasure of presenting at the annual Adjunct Appreciation Dinner at St. Clair County Community College (SC4) in Port Huron, MI. This is both an appreciation dinner and a night of professional development for the adjunct instructors at the college.

My topic was Myths and Realities of Teaching with Technology. I’ll post the slides soon, but here are most of the links that I referred to during the address.

1) My Excellence in e-Education site:

2) Infographic that says 90% of faculty are using social media in courses they’re teaching (which I don’t believe)
Same source for Wikipedia/library use by students

3) Pearson Learning (& Babson Group) paper on faculty use of social media:  (PDF)

4) One of many articles related to the myth of learning styles:

5) Infographic on text messaging:

6) Another infographic on texting:

7) Broadtexter groups for safe texting w/students:

8) Remind 101 site for safe texting w/students:

9) ECAR Natuonal Study of Undergraduate Students and I.T. –  (PDF)

10) research on college students and wi-fi:

11) Wi-fi research study reported in ComputerWorld –

12) Brain Rules book site –  see chapter 4 about multi-tasking (task-switching)

13) Digital Net-Gennials (whatever) – so many sources, so little time. Try these two.
Net Gen Skeptic (blog w/lots of research cited) –
Digital Natives – 10 Years After (JOLT) –

14) Broadband penetration:

15) SOPA: hundreds of articles. Try these:

16) Online Student Satisfaction data (my previous school)

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