Netflix Pricing – Oh, the Humanity

The new Netflix pricing plan is really absurd. I had a membership several years ago and didn’t really use it all that much. The family decided that we wanted to go with the streaming service and so we jumped back on the flixwagon about two months ago. During the first month, my family streamed 47 movies/shows. During the second month, our intake fell to only 29 movies/shows via streaming. Since the family spends most of the summer time at the cottage, we paid the extra $2 during the past month to have 1 DVD at a time to watch out there. We’ve watched 8 DVDs in that first month of mail service.

To recap. $8 in month one for 47 movies. $10 in month two for 37 movies.

Now they would like to start charging us $16 for those 37 movies that we watched this past month. Clearly, we need to find a different service where we can get our money’s worth.  < /sarcasm>

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