Don’t Forget the Attribution – Sorry CogDog

I am the yearbook committee each year for the elementary school where my youngest attends (and he’s got two more years to go, oy!). Every year it is a mad dash to get all the class photos laid out – and then to stuff as many candids into the various pages as possible. Almost everyone likes to see their face show up multiple times in the yearbook, although there are some exceptions to that very general rule.

Doing something fresh and interesting for the front and back cover is always a challenge, especially since I am neither the most creative person nor the best designer you’ll ever meet. These two cover pages are the only color pages in the book; everything else is black-n-white. This year I decided to use a photo of the Aurora since the school is named Northern Lights Elementary.

Luckily, I was able to find some very nice CC-Attribution photos on Flickr. I didn’t have to look any further than my friend and fellow educator, Alan Levine (cogdogblog on Flickr). Since it was licensed for remix – I cropped it to fit the vertical page layout and then added the text as seen below.

Then I made the fatal error (well not really fatal, at least I hope not (although that would get me out of the yearbook business)) and forgot to add my intended blurb on the inside of the cover giving Alan a photo credit for his fine shot.

Please consider this to be a make-up attribution for Alan as well as my apology for being a bit scatterbrained. Now there will be about 600 grade schoolers who won’t see his name in their yearbook. His career may never recover, but I certainly hope so.

Alan, please accept my apologies for my oversight. Hope this makes us square.

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  1. We;re square, brother, tis blog post goes beyond attribution.

    I’m more tickled you wanted to use my photo, which is fa from the best one out there of Northern Lights.

    All is peaceful on the ego front, ok?

  2. Thanks Alan. The yearbooks were picked up today and given to the students. I’m anxious to get home from my road trip to see how they turned out. I have no doubt that your photo will be a big hit. Enjoy your trip. BD

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