Embedded Videos with Different Start Time

Sometimes you find that shareable video that includes some stuff at the beginning or the end that you really aren’t all that interested in. No problemo. Just append a little bit of code and you’ll be able to have the video start at whatever point you like.

In this example below of a great CCR song, they have about 12 seconds of crap at the beginning. If you want the video to start right when the song starts, use this code:


It’s the “#t=0m13s”  (o minutes, 13 seconds from the beginning) at the end of the video ID that makes that work. Here’s the embedded version of that video.

NOTE: for a WordPress embed, use this version: (&start=number-of-seconds)
[ youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqZhM75aGMg&start=13 ]

Why would you do this? Well, that’s pretty simple: you get to edit the length of the video without really editing the video. I have used this technique several times, especially during presentations where you only want to show a snippet of a video and you don’t want to fool around during the presentation with starting the video right where you need it.

At the time of this post (May 2011), you cannot also have a video stop playing at a certain point just by altering the YouTube code. There appears to be many requests for this feature, but for now you need to use a service such as splicd.com or something similar.

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  1. I haven’t used splicd.com – will be taking a look. I’ve used tubechop.com in the past. Do you know of any that can handle specifying multiple start/stop times – one that can basically apply a cut list with multiple segments?


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