Jury Still Out on iPad

Still can’t tell you whether I like it or not. I have fun playing stupid games on it, but not finding ways that I can use it for my job very productively. So for me, the jury is still out. It certainly doesn’t feel like something I should have paid $660 for – that much I am certain of.

For several additional opinions, I decided to see what the Twittersphere is saying about the iPad today.

  • Gizmodo Apple announces a whopping 2million iPads have now been sold http://bit.ly/at5HN2 (BD: apparently the price is not a concern for most)
  • victoria_lacey iPads are f***ing useless laptop/iPod touch hybrids. Need a laptop? Get one. Need a touch? Get one. Don’t combine the two, moron. (BD: With all my combinations- I might be a triple moron)
  • JasonAlmenas So 2 million iPads sold. For a product with no real use it sure is being used by a lot of people. (BD: “used” is probably not the right term – except for what is happening to us)
  • DNebrera @popiplo A ver! A VER! Si esta tarde llego a la twittmad con tres moviles, dos Ipads y una esposa rusa. Habran ganado ellos. (BD: just working on my Spanish)
  • nuclearnessa41 iPads aren’t as cool as people make them seem to be (BD: then again, neither am I)
  • fredtengasantos iPads..sucks no usb port. (BD: or any other port for that matter)
  • LeeMurrell #iPads Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating – MY ARSE (BD: oleophobic? is that a fear of margarines? I can’t believe it’s not butter!))
  • ToddBrink Motherboard Manufacturers Release Software To Charge iPads From Almost Any USB Port http://bit.ly/byVljW (BD: assuming you have another device with you, of course)
  • pbump An Australian airline will start providing passengers with pre-loaded iPads, in lieu of a seatback system. http://p-bu.mp/8s1 (BD: I was hopiong that they wouldn’t be unloaded devices.)
  • ebertchicago: I tried reading a book on an iPad and: It. Just. Isn’t. A. Book. (BD: It. Just. Is. A. Waste.)
  • ohnmartz: Obligatoty firdt tweet frpm the iPad. The keybparf ttypes like a dream. (BD: your’e soo stuoid)
  • egearmag: Asus announces iPad competitor, the Eee Pad http://bit.ly/a6Pw6u(expand#iPad (BD: fabulous marketing and branding)
  • stevenmatsumoto: Take that iPad! RT @mashable: LG Shows Off Windows 7-Powered Tablet – http://bit.ly/a6cEaL
  • theFictionaut: TweetDeck on the iPad is blooming marvellous much better than the iPhone version. (BD: good to know)
  • Halfdozenmonkey: Why is the iPad version of #tweetdeck so much poorer than the iPhone version? More space = less useful for some reason. (BD: good to know)
  • eita3: I want to try iPad w/ 3G, but it is too expensive. It is about 80k yen. If I have such money, I’ll get Legacy driver Type S w/ Tour AD DI-6 (BD: ’cause that’s not too expensive, right?)
  • anemani10: Since the iPad doesn’t multitask well, I find myself actually focusing on things. #unexpectedbenefits #fb (BD: brilliant!!)
  • ethpressoiPad is a productivity tool because it doesn’t let me multitask. (BD: brilliant!!!)
  • grahamjh: so apparently the ipad‘s inability to multitask is now a ‘feature’ that allows “immersive computing”?!? (BD: brilliant!!!!)
  • FourPtRoll@davidlemoine David, Better to wait for a Verizon or Sprint model. I’m leaving iPhone because of AT&T. #ATT #iPhone #Apple #iPad (BD: AT&T is the devil, which is why I don’t own an iPhone and didn’t buy the 3G iPad)
  • johnmahon@PastorDuncan this is why I did not get the 3g ipad and always opt to use my verizon mifi with my iPad/iPhone/laptop! AT&T does suck! (BD: ditto)
  • Igniter: Surprisingly able to touch type on my iPad almost as well as my keyboard. Definitely faster than my blackberry. Loving it. (BD: faster than two thumbs, impressive)
  • kellbot: RT @jonathanstark: Let’s be honest: If you can type on an iPad as fast as you can type on a laptop, you can’t really type. (BD: touche’)
  • DanDFriend: But honestly I think the #iPad is a pointless, bulky, heavy, hard to type on device that people buy just so they can say that they have one. (BD: I have one)
  • rotster: Ok, have decided I need an iPad. Just not sure why. (BD: my new hero)
  • WTFANYTHING: I look upon iPad haters with pure pity. Once you invest serious time into this device it’s returns are ten fold. Best thing I ever bought. (BD: I’m expecting $6,600 from Apple any day now)
  • techealer: iPed clones iPad with Android for $105.00 http://bit.ly/bN96o (BD: too cheap, it’ll never sell)
  • looztra: Just bought an Archos 5 powered by android for my wife. Ipad is way too expansive and does not fit into her handbag 🙂 (BD: it is expansive AND expensive)

So now I know exactly what I should think about it. Much like red meat and/or milk and/or cigarettes – it’ll either kill me or give me life everlasting, depending on who you believe.

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