Cill Creel at ITC09

Gill Creel presented a great session at ITC09 titled: Cool Idea, But How Did It Really Work?

Description: In Fall 2008 two instructors revamped their online American literature course from print, static Web pages, and a limited learning management system to Web 2.0. They threw out the textbook and went to the Web to provide all of the content and interaction. They tried to strong arm the LMS into acting like a Web 2.0 application. The presenters will discuss integrating Web 2.0 tools – such as Google gadgets, Google Calendar, Blogger, Trailfire, Pbwiki, Survey Monkey, Zoho Creator, WebEX, Adobe Captivate, and Diigo – into an online course from a pedagogical and technical perspective. They will show some “how-to” and explain “how-they-do” by offering a faculty level report on their successes and failures. What did they learn? Did the technology help or hinder? What didn’t work due to the technology, due to the personnel? What will they keep? What will they jettison?
Here’s the tools he talked about.

Tools I Use

Flickr Creative Commons
Google Calendar
SimpleRSS Google Gadget
SurveyMonkey *
Vimeo *
Zoho Creator

(Sorry Gill, but that’s the best pic that I got. Ouch)

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