Top Web Tools of 2008 – Number 6

slideshare-logoSlideShare appears on my year-end list for the third year in a row. I’m thinking that it probably will move into the hall of fame at the end of 2008, barring some sort of major meltdown or such. Three years of being one of my most used and useful Web 2.0 tools probably means that it has the kind of staying power that you would expect for a hall candidate.

As I started using clickers in more and more of my presentations to gather audience feedback, I found that I actually had an increased need to use SlideShare since the clickers increased my need to use PowerPoint slides. Just when I was almost completely PPT-free, the clickers sucked me back in. I’m okay with that because it seemed as though the info I was collecting from the audience was actually the most productive use of PPT I had ever experienced. Then being able to share the data on the PPT charts via SlideShare made it all the more useful as a repository of the information from the presentation.

Since five of my six blogs are WordPress-based blogs, I have no doubt that I use SlideShare a bit more since they have developed a WordPress plug-in that allows me to show slides as this example shown below. Many types of content cannot be embedded into WordPress due to their ban on flash-based content, but SlideShare is one of the lucky ones that has received the attention needed to get a custom plug-in built for WordPress.

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  1. I was at a seminar once (can’t remember what it was about), and invited one of my employees to attend it with me. There were maybe 100 or so people in the room, and at the end the hosts went into the typical Q&A session. As I raised my hand to ask a question, my associate looked at me with deer-in-the-headlights eyes and asked, incredulously, ‘Are you really going to ask a question?!?’ To her it was simply inconceivable to do something like that. There is an entire block of readers that will NEVER consider leaving a comment, it’s just not part of their personality style.

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