2008 Web Tools Hall of Fame

Hall of fame iconIt’s that time of the year again. Time to add new web-based tools to my Hall of Fame and to announce my year-end Top 10 (not 12 like previous years) tools. The Top 10 are those tools that are not yet in the Hall of Fame. Think of them of being on the cusp of the Hall. If they have another good year, there’s a chance that they will enter the hall next year.

New additions for 2008 to Barry’s Web Tools Hall of Fame:

  • Twitter

  • Picnik

  • WordPress

Here’s the post from last year when the first six tools were inducted. They are Zoho Suite, Flickr, Skype, Meebo, Delicious, and Bloglines.

And now, for 2008, there are three more to be added.

twitter-logoTwitter – This one snuck up on me. A year ago I did move it up to #8 on my year-end list of tools, but I still wasn’t sold on it. A year later it is completely indispensable to my everyday learning and staying connected with lots of smart people. I have little doubt that Twitter as a thought outlet has resulted in a reduction in the number of blog posts that I write. I’m not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s a change in how I communicate. Just a few random thoughts:

Picnik Logo

Picnik – This free photo editing tool is only the second of the free web-tools that I have ever paid for. I bought the premium account partly to have access tot he extra features, but even more for the reason of supporting the company that provides such an incredibly useful tool for my use. For more info: here is the post I made at the end of last year about Picnik.

wordpress-logo-cristalWordPress – Somehow I didn’t even put WordPress on my year-end list of the top web tools. Apparently that means that I was taking it for granted. The site you are reading right now is provided to me (and you) for free at WordPress.com. WordPress is an excellent blogging tool but it is a bit more restrictive than Blogger in that they don’t allow certain types of content (especially flash and javascript) unless they have built a specific tool to utilize the content. This restrictiveness is related to security concerns and is a wise approach to follow. WordPress.org is the free and open source option for hosting your own WordPress blog software. It is not exactly the same as wordpress dot com, but very similar and based on the same original code.

That makes a total of 9 web apps in Barry’s Hall of Fame. BTW, I know how pretentious it sounds to have your own Hall of Fame. This started as a joke but now I sort of enjoy it. These tools are in my Hall of Fame because I use them, I recommend them, and they never illegally bet on baseball.

Coming up next, my Top 10 web tools for year-end 2008.