Another Shot with Poll Everywhere

I’ve used Poll Everywhere a couple of times, both as an experiment to see how well it works and also, most recently, to try to make a point. In addition to yesterday’s post titled Things I Don’t Believe (see slides 2 & 3), I also used Poll Everywhere with the poll embedded in a PowerPoint slide. I was using the Turning Point clickers with the audience of about 315 educators when about halfway through the presentation I asked how many of them had cell phones. At least 250 hands went up in the auditorium.
I asked them to take out their cell phones if they had a text messaging service with their phone. Then the poll question appeared on the screen.

Q: Which is closer to your position on students having cell phones in schools?

A1: Ban them! They are a complete distraction and detract from learning.

A2: Use them! They are powerful devices that can be used for learning.

Suffice it to say that I found the irony quite enjoyable. Teachers using their cell phones to answer a poll question saying that cell phones should not be allowed in school. I was using the free version of Poll Everywhere so this is actually a very small subset (23 responses) of the people in the room. I was surprised by the nearly equal division of the responses as I expected a higher percentage to say Ban Them! I erred in not getting all of them to respond to the question using the other clickers. Now I really want to know what all 315 of them think about this question.

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  1. Barry-

    Great to see you stacking up a hardware-less product to a hardware-based one. I’m surprised by the results. We’ve had a number of educators like yourself use Poll Everywhere to ask the same question and they’ve shared with us the absolute opposite results from other teachers voting.

    I’m curious, do you own or did you rent the TurningPoint clickers for this presentation?

    And what do you think? Should cell phones be banned in classrooms?

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  3. cell phones should be allowed in school

  4. I think they should be allowed they are such great educational tools!

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