Things I Don’t Believe

During a recent presentation with a K-12 audience, I went through a bit of a rant (softer than most) about things that I don’t believe regarding the uses of technology in the K-12 system. My point of view was more as a parent of three children in the K-12 system, and less about my role as a Chief Technology Officer in higher education. This slide show has plenty of text to illustrate the points I wanted to make.

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  1. Cool – excellent variant on the “This I believe” essays –

    and – somewhat off topic – have you seen:
    Special Issue on Next Generation Learning/Course Management Systems



  2. Great post!
    You know, I also refuse to call myself a digital immigrant and always mention that in my presentations. I then call myself a digital parent… and then I show the audience my first computer: a ZX81 that pretty much looks alike an Asus EeePc 🙂

  3. I love that you never fail to make people think differently! Thanks for eloquently expressing another side of the debate.

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