Craigslist for Academic Dishonesty

Craigslist screenshot I guess this isn’t at all surprising.

I found this in the Craigslist Duluth/Superior listings for Services Offered > Writing/Editing/Translation

Title:  Online Class Assignments..Master of Academic Editing/Writing

“I create essay and research paper writing solutions for students. Students come to me with a project that they either don’t have the time for or are lacking the ability to complete. I’ve written numerous papers for various students. Across the board, I produce A+ results.”

He goes on to post a URL with examples of his “academic writings.” He doesn’t post any pricing information, but I’m sure the sky’s the limit for “A+ results.”

I decided to take a quick look this morning after seeing an email from WCET where they passed along an email exchange between a Wyoming educator and a person on Craigslist offering to take online tests in physics and math. Didn’t find a test-taker in the Duluth area – but of course they could be doing it from anywhere – because it’s online. Easy Peasy!

When asked about the cheating aspect of this, the Craigslist seller told the Wyoming educator the following:

“Only you can make that judgement call for whether or not you are comfortable with doing this. Many people are doing it and seems like colleges are more focused on other things than trying to catch students who cheat. Many of my clients need to pass a course to graduate and have no use for the materials in the course. So they don’t feel guilty about this.”

Betcha the accreditors love to hear that.