Tweets from My Peeps 07/01/09

More Twitter goodness. Links to useful stuff.

mwesch my slides from #pdf09… “The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity”

sherrymn RT @barrydahl: 1st keynote scheduled for EAT-IT 09. Chris Duke followed the theme with: “PLE is Educationally Delicious, EAT-IT!” @cmduke

rww Look Out, Twitpic: Flickr Now Tweeting Images

kylemackie #D2L09 via Stephen Downes: “I’m not sure an unconference works at an LMS vendor conference, but it’s worth a try…”

jclarey How Kids Use Media (teens not uniquely wired but artifact of larger demographically broader shifts in media behavior)

cburell New post: “The Asians Aren’t Coming! The Asians Aren’t Coming” Can we relax yet?

JenniSwenson 35 Awesome Augmented Reality Examples on BannerBlog News via @tasty_links

tonykarrer 5 Tips for Creating, Promoting and Managing a LinkedIn Group

presentationzen How to tweet during a presentation? via @bakadesuyo @DrShock Speaking about Presenting

busynessgirl Wolfram|Alpha can easily plot two graphs with natural language:

ajwms RT @barrydahl: Finding value in paper about “Edgeless Universities” by Peter Bradwell (Demos) via Jane Hart @c4lpy

jasongreen From NY POST – Don’t Get that College Degree

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