I’m Not as Entertaining as I Think

People are Cruel.  Don’t be Cruel. Each year I am saddened by the nasty things that people are willing to say in an anonymous evaluation that they would not be willing to say to your face or even in a written evaluation with their name attached to it. I have posted previously about this with regard to my performance evaluation at the college. I have also written about how you can have 19 positive (even glowing) comments but it sticks with you and overrides the other comments when that 20th person says something nasty – at least it does for me.

This came up again last week when we (the ITC Board of Directors) received the conference evaluation results from eLearning 2009. Overall the evals are very, very positive. The conference committee and the Board should take great pride in the overall nature of the comments and ratings.

I participated in the Grand Debate at the conference. The Grand Debate is a conference tradition that occurs after lunch is served on the first full day of the conference, which happens to be a Sunday. Bryan Alexander and Brian Lamb delivered our top two keynote speeches; which is a calculation based on the evaluation scores received. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, they were rated on the basis of 1) Topic, 2) Content, and 3) Presentation. Both of those keynotes had outstanding scores from the attendees filling out the evaluations. I was surprised to see that the Grand Debate also had a rating that was right in line with these two great keynotes.

136 people rated this session in the conference evaluation. Many positive comments were made and there were many 5’s on the numerical ratings. However, amidst all the glowing comments and ratings, there were a couple of comments that stood out, in particular, this one:

  • “I’m tired of Barry Dahl – he’s just not as entertaining as he thinks he is – get rid of him!”

I don’t care how you slice it, that’s just mean. But for the record, I also think I’m better looking than I really am.