My Web 2.0 Quotient

I used the Web 2.0 Quotient calculator created by Manish Mohan and came with a score of 100. It appears to me that you can score a maximum of 116 if you are at the max on every category.

After calculating my score, I took the time to update my list of free web-based tools on my PLE page. I now have accounts to use 128 different Web 2.0 tools.

CC photo by tobiaseigen

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  1. The real question that I want the answer to is – how do you manage to remember those 128 different usernames and passwords?

  2. For a while I took a two-tiered approach to password management.

    Tier 1 – mission critical apps. such as school email, Desire2Learn, and about 5 -6 others: These are strong passwords that are changed every 90 days.

    Tier 2 – all the other stuff (most of the 128 tools you refer to) was a simple password that I have used for years. However, since some of these tools have become more and more important to me, and as the amount of account hacking has been on the increase, I have been converting them to strong password as well. The password formation follows a system that makes it fairly easy to remember them.

    In other words, I just make it up as I go. I keep trying to use OpenID but keep running into roadblocks. Right now, my own system works better than that type of solution.

  3. Sounds exactly like my method (except mine is 3-tiered). Only, when I decide to change a password, then I can’t remember all the places I have to go to change it. And this leaves a trail of older passwords behind.

    P.S. Sites that restrict password type (must be only numbers and letters, must have a capital letter, etc.) are nightmares for managing passwords!

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