The Worst Country Song Ever Written – courtesy of ChatGPT

I don’t think this needs much commentary. Just make up a beat of your own and sing along, “man!” (Because “it’s what we do;” “that’s a given fact!”).

ChatGPT prompt: Write the lyrics for a country song about beer drinking, line dancing, and a pickup turck (misspelling of truck was on purpose to see what would happen, but ChatGPT didn’t miss a beat)

Verse 1:

I pull up in my pickup truck
With a cooler full of cold beer, what’s up?
Heading down to the honky-tonk
Gonna dance the night away, that’s a given fact


Drinking beer, line dancing, truck bed shaking
That’s how we roll in the heartland, man
We got two-step and a whiskey pour
Gonna party ’til the break of dawn

Verse 2:

I hit the floor with my boots on
Feeling the beat and moving all night long
With a cold beer in my hand
And a smile on my face, ain’t no wrong

Repeat Chorus:


This pickup truck, it’s my ride
With a bed full of friends, we’re ready to ride
To the next honky-tonk, we’ll keep on trucking
Gonna drink and dance, it’s what we do

Repeat Chorus:


So here’s to beer, line dancing and my pickup truck
We’ll keep the party going, ain’t never enough
Gonna live life to the fullest, every single night
In this good ol’ country, everything just feels right.


I admit that I’m not much of a country music buff, but OMG, that’s so bad.

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