Slideshow on Using D2L Intelligent Agents

This is an update to a slideshow that I did a few years ago about using the Intelligent Agents in Desire2Learn. They have more functionality now than they had then.

I also call them Secret Agents since they seem to be unknown to many people in the D2L User Community.

I think they’re pretty useful. I do recommend that most of the time you have the agent send you (the instructor) an email with a heads up about something, and then you can decide whether to follow-up with the student(s) or not. Direct emails to the students can work, but might not always be the best choice (they don’t come from your email address and can cause “reply to” problems).

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  1. Quality thoughts on the IA tool. Using it as a “flag” and having the notice go to the instructor instead of the student is a great value-added application. On the corporate side you could also include a supervisor/manager, since they usually deal with high/low performance scores.

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