Another Banana for Picmonkey Collages

For various different reasons, I seem to make a lot of collages out of digital photos. One reason is that I put together the annual yearbook at the local elementary school, and there’s no better way to get lots of kid faces on a page than with a collage. I also take lots of photos at family events and have several family members who beg me to make them a collage of the various shots. So I do. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know. For those who make them, Picmonkey has good functionality and incredible ease of use.

Picmonkey (see previous post here) has picked up where Picnik left off (after Google bought it and effectively killed it) by releasing their collage functionality within the past few days. The video below shows a short tutorial of most of the features. It’s only slightly different from the Picnik functionality for collages, and I kind of like how they have added the ability to add a box here or there on the fly.

Picmonkey has great functionality, although you can’t yet integrate your photos with Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, or any similar service. That is one thing I miss about Picnik. The other thing is the ability to load photos into the basket (maybe on Picmonkey it would be a barrel, get it?) where you can combine them together by dragging and dropping onto layers. Picmonkey is free and doesn’t require (or even allow, at this time) users to have an account. Just come and go as you please.

And here’s an example of the finished product. Click image to enlarge.

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