Tightwad Tech Podcast on $10K Degree

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Shawn and Mark of the Tightwad Tech Podcast at Element Opie Productions. That podcast was posted this morning (10/13/2011). My portion of the recording begins at the 12:30 mark.

Listen to the Podcast at their site.

A couple of points/corrections:

  1. I mentioned (off the top of my head at 32:00) that the cost of college has increased more than inflation and health care – but I didn’t have the numbers at the ready. Here they are. Since 1980, according to HuffPost:
    1. general inflation has risen “only” 300%
    2. health care costs have increased 700%
    3. college costs have increased 1000%
    4. So, to be accurate (I wasn’t in the podcast), college costs have gone up almost 50% more than health care costs, and over 3 times the general inflation rate.
  2. I mentioned the Vedder study about faculty salaries at UT-Austin at the 27:10 mark. More information about this is available in my Post #8 about the $10Kdegree.
  3. At 36:20, I mention that Western Governor’s enrollment is up to 15,000 students. It’s more like 25,000 students, according to their May, 2011 press release.
  4. Good gawd, I am a heavy breather. Really bothers me to listen to the audio as I sound like I’m gasping for air. I hope it doesn’t bother you as much as it bothers me.
The guys from Tightwad Tech were a pleasure to work with. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a regular listerner from now on.
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