Catalyst CAMP Recap

I was a Catalyst CAMP Ranger at the recently concluded WCET09 conference in Denver. Catalyst CAMP is a wrap-around leadership academy that was started by WCET this year. By “wrap-around” I mean that the camp started the day before the annual conference began and concluded with the end of the conference on Saturday.

The CAMP was led by Hae Okimoto of Univ. of Hawaii System and Myk Garn of Southern Regional Education Board. That’s Myk in the Ranger hat when he was welcoming the campers on Day 1. Fellow CAMP Rangers included Maggi Murdock, Muriel Oaks, Mollie McGill, Karen Paulson, Russ Poulin, Philip Cameron, and David Phillips.

I had the pleasure of working directly with three of the fifteen campers; Judith Steed, Reed Scull, and James Russom. Their testimonials are shown below.

“There were three main high points of the camp: 1) meeting others learning their way into the WCET advantage, 2) getting to talk with the keynote speakers in smaller group discussions and 3) connecting with the great rangers who had experience, ideas and encouragement to share so very generously. I especially enjoyed the campers’ willingness to share and explore together with humor and productive intention. I look forward to meeting my camping cohort next time.”

Judith L. Steed, M.S.
Director of Assessment: Promoting Student Learning
University of the Rockies


“There were several very helpful aspects to Catalyst CAMP.  One was the opportunity to discuss issues of common concern with experienced campus distance education leaders.  Secondly, the canoe speech was helpful in seeing how others process and explain challenging distance education topics.  The time constraint of three minutes for this speech was very important in encouraging us to reflect on what elements of our “pitches” were the most salient.  Lastly, the opportunity to interact in small groups with the plenary speakers was very helpful.  Overall, I learned more from the camp than I expected, and I made some nice friendships to boot.”

W. Reed Scull, Ed.D.
Director, Outreach Credit Programs and Associate Dean,
The Outreach School, University of Wyoming


“The Catalyst Camp experience was extremely beneficial.”

“Benefits included:

  • Leadership by the Camp Rangers was personal and relevant – a good learning atmosphere
  • Exposure to folks that are extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise
  • The fellowship and networking among peers
  • The unique learning experience from being face to face with the keynote speakers
  • The fellowship at meal times”

“The format, food, fellowship with the other campers and the face-to-face with the keynote speakers was invaluable. I cannot imagine not taking part in future camps.”

Dr. James R. Russom
Associate Director of Online Education
Nazarene  Bible College


It was my pleasure to meet these fine leaders and work with them over the four days of CAMP.

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