Tweets from my Peeps 06/29/09

A few of my Twitter favorites from today. Good stuff from smart people, and a few of my own thrown in for balance.

fncll You’ve prob already seen, but this article on multiple intelligences, genius and wishful thinking hits a sweet spot imo

Starfish360 RT @barrydahl IHE: Comm Colleges & High Schools to create free, online courses in a program being drafted by Obama admin.

shareski Tom Carroll pulling a Prensky, assuming young people are highly connected. They are connected but not really for learning. #necc09

aaronleonard RT @barrydahl DOE report: The use of video or online quizzes – freq encouraged for online education – “does not appear to enhance learning,”

busynessgirl Wolfram|Alpha can easily plot two graphs with natural language:

ajwms RT @barrydahl: Finding value in paper about “Edgeless Universities” by Peter Bradwell (Demos) via Jane Hart @c4lpy

jasongreen From NY POST – Don’t Get that College Degree

barrydahl New Keynote proposal for EAT-IT 09: “Professionalism and the Jekyll and Hyde Effect” – still accepting more. #EATIT09

barrydahl 3rd Keynote proposal for EAT-IT 09: “Hot Technologies to Change Everything!” Want in on the action? #EATIT09

ReedForCongress Tomorrow is our first financial deadline. Please donate @ to help show that we can win against Michele Bachmann!

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