What I was Reading Today

Today, I was mainly reading a couple of newspapers in Vietnam. Some of the stories just jumped off the page at me. For example:

A 65-year-old- Chinese woman was sentenced to death for her role in leading a counterfeiting ring. Over the course of two years she was responsible for the equivalent of about $300,000 US in fake bank notes. So let me see if I have this straight. An Asian woman gets the death sentence for $300 thou, while in the U.S. we have liars, thieves, and greedy bastards who are getting bailed out for $700 billion in counterfeit mortgages, easy loans, and poor insurance decisions. They get nary a slap on the wrist and the taxpayers pay the freight. Yep, that sounds fair.

5 university students in Hanoi are sharing a 5 square meter single room because they cannot find affordable housing while earning their education. They are apparently developing some very close friendships during their college years.

Although this story was first reported about a year ago, the Viet Nam News had a little blurb about it yesterday. Did you know that raising kangaroos for meat consumption instead of cattle and sheep would help reduce global warming? It seems that kangaroo flatulence does not contain methane gas and would therefore be more eco-friendly.

I also finished reading the book Presentation Zen, (Garr Reynolds) which I highly recommend. More on that later.