Postal BizzaroWorld

Stamp of Chinese sign - Redestrian WayThis morning I felt like I was trapped inside a Seinfeld episode. You basically can’t make this stuff up. On my way to work I needed to stop and get a few stamps. I rarely buy stamps, but here was a time when there weren’t any in the house and I needed some.

I stop in the Superior Post Office to buy some stamps from the machine. This is before the counter area opens for the day and they’ve always had a vending machine with stamps in the lobby where you can get what you need. I see that the machine is gone but it looks like maybe it’s only been removed for repairs since the space really hasn’t been fixed up or anything. So, I head back to my car since it is not possible to buy stamps at the Superior Post Office unless the counter is open. As I drive to work in Duluth I follow a path that comes reasonably close to the main P.O. in West Duluth so I stop in to buy from that vending machine. Once again this is before the counter opens and once again the machine has been removed. Hanging on the wall is a poster that lists about 8 places where a person can go to buy stamps “at Post Office prices.” Included are Walgreens and a couple of gas stations. So, apparently, you can no longer buy stamps at the Post Office (except during their shorter-than-banker’s-hours when the counter is open) but you can buy your stamps at the drug store or gas station. Clearly I have entered BizzaroWorld.

Please excuse the off-topic rant, but at least I feel better now.

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