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  • January 2019
    M T W T F S S

I’m a Prepper, a Death Prepper

Over the past few months, I’ve been preparing to die. Or at least I’ve started preparing for that inevitability. It’s actually been kind of fun.

I don’t actually believe that I’m going to die soon; not that one can ever be too sure about those things. I don’t have a terminal disease, nor a death wish. I’ve just seen a lot of people die in the past few years, and I want to be ready.

The grim reaper awaits all of us.

As a death prepper, here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

  • I’ve written my own obit. It’s ready to go, once somebody else is able to add the date and cause of death.
  • I’ve chosen the songs I want to be played at my death party (or memorial service, if you will).
  • I’ve prepared a shared online spreadsheet to make sure my wife has access to all the financial accounts information.
  • I’ve decided on cremation, because I really like the word “cremains.” (I hope you cremember me when I’m gone.)
  • My headstone is being prepared. Tasteful little thing, no 24K gold or diamond studs. I don’t feel like I actually need a headstone anywhere in the world, but my wife would like to have our markers side-by-side. That’s a good enough reason for me.

I do have a couple of things left to do:

  • I’m working on a solution that will delete almost all of my online accounts when I die, except for this blog and my Twitter feed. I’ll leave those for my kids to look back on someday.
  • I still need to prepare a will. This should be moot, because I expect my wife to live 30 more years after I die, and everything goes to her with or without a will. However, it’s not a sure thing that I go first, so a last will and testament needs to be prepared.
  • I’m going to prepare a 5-minute video about my life. My whole life condensed into 5 minutes. That’s going to be a challenge. Lots of good stuff will hit the cutting room floor, but death is cruel – and most people will start to check out after five minutes anyway. Why a 5-minute video? I don’t know; I just want to.
  • And lastly, to steal phrase, I need to get busy living.

If and when you see my obit, you’ll see that I don’t use the phrase “he passed away.” You don’t pass away – you fail away. You didn’t pass, you failed. You failed to live forever. Death is not a hall pass, it’s a pink slip.

50 Beers in 50 Days

I’m starting 2019 on a personal mission. My plan is to drink 50 different beers in the first 50 days of the year. That doesn’t necessarily mean one beer each day, but a total of 50 over 50 days.


Then, starting February 20, I will go 50 days without a beer.

Then, starting April 10, I will take a self-assessment. Do I feel healthier? Am I happier? Am I an emotional wreck? Is there no significant difference?

I like beer. I really like craft beers. I really like craft beers that are dark, or hoppy, or unique; or possibly all three things at the same time. I hate to think that I’ll be better off without beer, but maybe that will be the case. My father had to stop drinking during the last 8 to 10 years of his life. He still liked beer, but beer didn’t like him.

I’ll keep a running list here, and then report out on my conclusions in April and May.

  • Day 2 – Beer 1) Big Sky IPA
  • Day 4 – Beer 2) Bent Paddle Harness IPA
    • Beer 3) Bent Paddle Black
    • Beer 4) Beaver Island Sweet Miss Stout
  • Day 7 – Beer 5) Summit Extra Pale Ale
    • Beer 6) Lake Superior Duluth Coffee Stout
  • Days 8, 9, 10 – ice fishing on Lake of the Woods – Beer 7) Fulton Citra Double Dry-Hopped 300 bottle
    • Beer 8) Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
    • Beer 9) Indeed Flavorwave IPA 


  • Day 14 – Beer 10) Odell IPA
    • Beer 11) Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
  • Day 16 – Beer 12) Alaskan Icy Bay IPA (meh!!)
  • Day 17 – Beer 13) Beaver Island Brewing ’39 Red IPA
    • Beer 14) Earth Rider Superior Pale Ale
  • Day 19 – Beer 15) Third Street BrewHouse Sugar Shack Maple Stout (can)
    • Beer 16) Oskar Blues G’Knight
  • Day 21 – Beer 17) New Belgium Fat Tire
    • Beer 18) Castle Danger Cream Ale
  • Day 23 – Beer 19) Tallgrass Brewing Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout
    • Beer 20) Hop & Barrel Hudson Haze IPA
  • Day 24 – Beer 21) Milwaukee Brewing Louie’s Demise
  • Day 25 – Beer 22) Big Wood Portside Porter
    • Beer 23) Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale
  • Day 28 – Beer 24) Bent Paddle Harness IPA
  • Day 31 – Beer 25) Deschutes Jubelale
    • Beer 26) Earth Rider Duluth Coffee Pale Ale
  • Day 33 – Beer 27) Zipline Kolsch
  • Day 34 – Beer 28) Schell’s FireBrick
    • Beer 29) Surly Furious
  • Day 35 – Beer 30) Guinness Stout
    • Beer 31) John Smith’s Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Day 36 – Beer 32) Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA
  • Day 37 – Beer 33) Alaskan Brewing Smoked Porter
    • Beer 34) The Fermentorium Underwater Panther
    • Beer 35) Earth Rider North Tower Stout
  • Day 38 – Beer 36) Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
    • Beer 37) Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Day 39 – Beer 38) Stone IPA
  • Day 40 – Beer 39) Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale
    • Beer 40) Fitger’s Biere de Garde
    • Beer 41) Fitger’s Nuff Said English Pale Ale
  • Day 42 – Beer 42) Hoops No. 9 Pomegranate Rye
  • Day 44 – Beer 43) New Belgium 1554 Dark Lager
  • Day 45 – Beer 44) Earth Rider Cognac Barrel Aged Valhalla Ale
  • Day 47 – Beer 45) Firestone Walker Brewing Union Jack IPA
    • Beer 46) Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart Wheat Ale
  • Day 48 – Beer 47) Hammerheart Laurentian Porter
    • Beer 48) Surly Todd – The Axe Man
  • Day 49 – Beer 49) Thirsty Pagan Pabsh Double IPA
  • Day 50 – Beer 50) The best beer of the first 49 deserves a repeat – and the winner is…the Duluth Coffee Pale Ale from Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin.
  • It wasn’t easy drinking 50 beers in 50 days. Turns out that is more than I would normally drink. About 20% more, or so.
  • So now the fun part begins.
  • This beer lover is going to abstain from beer for the next 50 days.
  • Then we’ll see which Barry is best; Beer Barry or that other guy.